About me…a coffee shop journal…

I like to think that three words come to mind for those that know me…community, connection and creativity! I call myself a multimedia artist who is inspired to create. And create I do whether it’s a business like The Martyn House Farm or an aspect of it like the pizza oven patio or  outdoor living room by the pond  or The Martyn House In Towne Coffee House.Joann-Sink-12_08_03

I can spin a pottery wheel, paint a picture, make soap or design furniture, but I believe my greatest gift is my ability to guide and inspire others by helping them to create lives of authenticity. My studio was originally created for pottery production and handmade bath products,  then over the years I realized it is not in my nature to make any two things that looked alike …so it  slowly transformed into a wonderful multimedia  art studio and today it is a guest house.TMH-Details-11_11_356TM-300x199 The studio overlooks a beautiful wildflower meadow. There still remains a room filled with canvas’s, paints, scraps of  stained glass and boxes full of all the fun elements one needs to create. Like all artists, there are always special creations that come along that are inspired by nature, the farm or just creative living.  The sculptures and interesting artistic expressions that are sprinkled all over the farm property attest to this creative inspiration that is so prominent at both The Martyn House farm and In Towne.. 080520110415-large-199x300

I am an accomplished designer and gardener with an admitted compulsion for natural intuitive healing and a spiritual connection with the earth. A lifelong serial entrepreneur, I have started and grown several successful businesses, including a mail order catalog/ home furnishings retail & wholesale and a successful home furnishings manufacturer’s representative organization. For 10 years, I was co/owner and CEO of Eminence Style, a design & import firm specializing in European Country furniture and custom designed upholstery. I have an extensive visual merchandising background and passion for marketing and have won awards for both.

I was also a small business consultant and on occasion gave talks and lectures on how to be true to yourself and nurture a business and life that reflects that. In addition to my business experiences, I have led workshops on healing, personal growth and entrepreneurship.IMG_1903-224x300

I am often described as energetic, creative and endlessly trusting in the power we all have within us. I will challenge and inspire you to live a more creative and fulfilling life both personally and in business.

Today ….I can be found most days making some of the best cups of coffee and telling the stories …..mine, yours and ours!


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