What next…

Sometimes a day is over before I even knew it began..it starts with great intentions~~proceeds to it’s already 2:00 and the next thing I know its time to put the day to bed! And as I lie in bed all tucked in with my fluffy down pillows billowing under my chin and around my neck i wonder …..what on earth did i do today…..and an even bigger question is what is next in my life??

I apparently have decided that I need more free time to do the things i love- so i work 2 mornings a week instead of 5 / I have decided i do want a vegetable garden but prefer to do less gardening so i set my mind to hoe one raised bed -planted the seeds and then had my Sunday gardener do the rest! / I decided i want to become a mountain bike rider so i dragged the ole bike out and dumped it off at the bike shop for a tune up where i seem quite comfortable to leave it for now / I decided it would be good to begin weekly yoga sessions and it feels like i am putting in great effort when i  leave a message on the instructors answering machine / I think about finding a great book to read in this newly found time but have yet to go to the library or bookstore/ I ponder the idea of learning something new but feel i do not want to tax my brain too much / by the sounds of things one would almost think i am lazy 🙂

But then i remember since 2007 Rick and I have built out our 18 acre Farm where Glamping lives there are gardens galore, 2 studios we completely remodeled,  a pizza oven patio, we created an outside living room by our pond and as if that was not enough we completely renovated a 1940 building in downtown Ellijay and  put in a coffee shop. cafe, private club, and lets not forget that we have hosted numerous events over these years as well.

YAWN…..YAWN….i do think i need to rest a bit-it is this thing called balance i have never fully understood how to do–I am usually too busy  asking myself whats next?–

and so my new days will  begin with great intentions to do nothing~~~ I will start the day writing in an attempt to get that morning mind that is filled with creative ideas to empty itself…..I might get a bit anxious by 2:00  and by nightfall … well.. we’ll see…..I really must practice the art of allowing my thoughts and ideas to rise up and float away instead of act on them or even ponder them too much….. i am learning to let go-delegate -trust in the process and allow all that was… to dissipate ….so i can clearly see what is next…..

They say it takes 30 days to create a new habits…and so it begins–

about the me-magic-eye-300x277author…JoAnn

I am an accomplished artist, designer and gardener with an admitted compulsion for natural intuitive healing and a spiritual connection with the earth. I am a lifelong serial entrepreneur, a creator of extraordinary ideas, and soon to be published author …..let the dreaming begin….



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